Student Challenge 2♦~ Avatars, Avatars, AVATARS & a Digital Dossier! (-:

My avatar represents my love of D.Gray-Man, anime, and fanart combined. I love to make fanart for anime, and enjoy drawing anime in general. My favorite anime is D.Gray-Man, which explains why the fandom (meaning an item for an anime made by a fan) is focused around Allen Walker (if you don’t know about D.Gray-Man, I’ll explain more on that, later). I think that’s all to explain about my avatar. (-:

Okay. The next part was to make a slideshow? I don’t know how good I am at that… (-: But I can make a little photogallery of all the avatars I’ve been making, ne? (-; Enjoy (there’s a description beside each).

CaramellDansenThis is a picture of me (or at least close). I like it because it looks like an anime me! Yes, this is how I sorta look in real life. (-: When I move to my new school, I’m going to have black hair (at least, as far as I’m planning). I might dye my hair something different, though – maybe an orange streak and then black highlights? No – my hairs not dyed in real life. Oh… but yeah – I need to explain why I’m wearing bunny ears! For those anime-lovers like myself, you’ve probably heard of the Swedish song “Parapara Dance” by CaramellDansen. I know the dance to it, so when I whip out my cosplay (costume play) bunny ears, I’m unstoppable (*dark side*)!


Tyki Mikk: Light FormThis is D.Gray-Man’s Tyki Mikk (light side)! As my alias, I was of course tempted to make one. The one below this one is also Tyki Mikk (there’s a difference, eh?). (-: I found a YouTube video that I must post soon. It’s of CaramellDansen, and has the whole D.Gray-Man cast in it! They’re such cute chibis~ (*happy sigh*)!




Tyki Mikk: Dark FormThis is Tyki Mikk’s Noah form (dark side). I prefer this side better. The scene with him and Allen in the forest was killer. (-: His Tease butterflies are epic! And the power to pass through objects? In my opinion… that’d be amazing! I could fix my ever-crashing computer in a wink! (-;



Right, so now onto the digital dossier part. Honestly, watching the video sort of creeped me out. I mean, who wouldn’t?! We’re being tracked through the Internet! Who would’ve known? I’ve joined countless of websites; WebKinz, Glogster, Facebook, Webnode, Moonfruit, EduBlogs, Blogger, Yahoo!, GMail, Cox, OneTrueMedia, ROBLOX, D-Gray-Man, DGrayDIVINITY, AnimeLyrics, AnimeForum, AnimeWallpapers, AnimeGlobe, AnimeGalleries, Playlist, Wikia, and several more. I gave them… not too much information. I hate giving out my ID, and any other unneeded information. I go under two major aliases, and I make sure that people don’t know who I am. (-: I like changing my appearance with makeup for online photos, and usually edit them. (-; 

After I Google-d my real name, I found several school records. I didn’t know they tracked us through the Internet like that – where anyone’s able to read about me! O_O I felt my stomach drop! Digital dossiers are definitely something… I also found a bunch of records from my deleted Facebook account! )-: This was a little eerie… I also found some of my sports teams, and a few of the newspapers I’ve been in. Oy, I guess this means I’m leaving waaaaaay more digital footprints than intended, eh? (-:


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  1. I apologize for the weird way this post came out. It was fine until I published it and became a jumbled clump, nya~?


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